We offer Industry leading Sales Training courses to Sales Teams, who want to feel more energized and motivated, improve their ability to close more sales, better handle objections and build long-term mutually beneficial sales relationships with their customers and prospects. Our sales training will support any sales team, to consistently achieve their sales targets and optimize their ability to sell.

Why choose us?

What separates us from any other sales training organization is that, in addition to our practical proven sales training tools and techniques, which are taught at our face to face workshops. We also offer innovative, proven sales training support tools, like our unique online sales training system and audio books, which supports your team members to continue learning and applying the sales tools and techniques, they need to learn and apply, long after the sales training workshop is over.

All the sales tools, techniques and skills we teach, are simple, easy to understand and most importantly, when applied, they deliver outstanding results. The practical nature of all the sales tools, techniques and processes makes them easy to engage with, simple to understand and most importantly very effective, when applied.

Your salespeople will love the format of our Sales Training Solution
and will most certainly benefit from the gradual long-term approach to training.

Tons of research clearly shows, that adult learners DON’T want content-heavy training events. Adults just can’t sit for extended periods absorbing training material. The research shows you’ll get high engagement and high knowledge retention, if you structure training events in segments, which focus on a maximum of three to four concepts at a time.

Gradual Approach to Training

This online sales training system is available 24-7-365, allowing sales professionals to learn at times, which are convenient to them. They are also able to learn and apply the sales tools and techniques at their own pace. The operative word here is that they actually get to apply the sales tools and techniques in their sales day.

Training continues between Workshops

The workshops are designed to support, uplift and introduce the sales team to the sales tools and principles. The application of the material, however, starts after the workshops are over.

  • Your sales team is handed audio books, which outline the tools and sales principles they need to learn after each workshop. As they listen to the audio books, in their mobile university (car) they get to organize the sales knowledge and skills in their minds.
  • When they use the Online Sales Training Solution for 30 minutes a day, they get to actually apply the new sales skills, tools and techniques in their own work environment. This is achieved by guiding them with interactive video, audio recordings and carefully crafted questions, to apply test and ultimately acquire new behaviours. These behaviours become their new sales routines, which with support turn into their new sales success habits.
  • Our objective when we offer sales training, is to help your sales team to positively shift their behaviour, replace their bad habits so that they can build a new empowering set of sales success habits, which will guide them to take the right daily action daily, to promote ongoing, sustainable sales success.
  • We know that willpower is a depletable resource and so to support your sales team to actively engage with the entire sales training process. We offer them regular reminders in the form of a daily inspirational message, regular sms and email reminders. We also encourage them to form accountability partnerships to support them to learn and apply the tools and techniques in their work environment.
  • Mastering the sales tools and concepts. To support your sales team to actually master each skill, we also encourage them to form groups, where they present the various tools and concepts to each other at sales meetings.


Why our Training Works?

As a result of our gradual approach to training our clients see their sales teams positively shift their behavior, because they actually get to apply the sales tools, which they learn. This unique sales training process allows them to both learn and apply all the knowledge, sales skills and techniques they need to learn to consistently improve their sales performance and results. This means that you will get to see improved sales results, improved motivation and a sales team, who effectively utilizes their available sales time very efficiently every day, all of which means that you will see a great return on their sales training investment.

Our Training helps sales teams achieve their sales targets

This sales training process will equip your sales team with new positive sales routines, so that they can get the most out of each sales day. Our objective when we work with any sales team is to inspire them to greatness, by helping them to consistently achieve and often exceed their sales targets.

What Our Clients Are Saying

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